Here you can find some samples of lectures I have had the opportunity to give in a variety of modules. Clicking through the images will take you to the slides used in class. 

Image from Wellcome Library, London.

Image from Wellcome Library, London.

"Science and Diversity: Does it really matter?" 

Lecture delivered to the Science Policy module (100-level course), discussing issues of diversity and representation within STEM disciplines, and in science policy (particularly health and medical research policies). 

"Designer Limbs: Responsibility and Engineering"

Lecture delivered to Master's module Responsible Science and Innovation. The aim was to discuss design and engineering processes, and what 'problems' these technical 'solutions' aspire to solve. Are there other ways?

Image by  Monica Renata . CC BY 2.0,

Image by Monica Renata. CC BY 2.0,

"Indigenous Knowledge: Pluralism and Collaboration in Knowledge-Making"

The first lecture I ever delivered was to the module Global Citizenship in Action (200-level). Here, I used philosophy of science concepts (particularly ontological pluralism) to discuss with students the ways that 'scientific' knowledge and 'indigenous' knowledge can collaborate to create new ways of knowing.