The Impact of Mega-Events on Infrastructural Development

My new research project sets out to investigate how mega-events impact their host cities, namely how they enable the reshaping of local transportation infrastructure and its associated technologies. The project focuses on the variety of stakeholders and forces that drive, and are impacted by, these infrastructural changes over time. This work will focus on three field cites, all Olympic and Paralympic Games hosts in the past two decades: Atlanta (United States of America), London (United Kingdom), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

This is an exciting project as it will lead us to explore the socio-technical legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and who does or does not benefit from it. Through a global comparative approach, this project aims to highlight stories from different contexts––including narratives less often heard, such as from the Global South––to uncover trends, lessons and best practices that can be useful and applied in the hosting of future events.