Peer-reviewed publications

  • Velho, Raquel, Catherine Holloway, Andrew Symonds and Brian Balmer. “The Effect of Transport Accessibility on the Social Inclusion of Wheelchair Users: A Mixed Method Analysis”. Social Inclusion 4, no.3 (2016): pp. 24-35. Available here.
  • Velho, Raquel. Review of Risco, ambiente e saúde: um debate sobre comunicação e governança do risco em áreas contaminadas by Gabriela di Giulio. Critical Reviews on Latin American Research 5, no. 1 (2016): pp. 32-34. Available here.
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  • Velho, Raquel. “Gerar (e gerir) expectativas: novas áreas de pesquisa nos estudos sociais da ciência.” Liinc em Revista 10, no.2 (2014): 665-73. Available here.

Other publications

  • Velho, Raquel. ‘“E isso te isola, porque o mundo fica cada vez menor…”: Acessibilidade em transporte público e inclusão social.’ Com Ciência 175 (2016). Available here.
  • Kostkova, Patty; Stevenson, Olivia; Velho, Raquel. "Who owns the data? Open data for healthcare." UCL Policy Briefing, UCL Public Policy (December, 2015). Available here.
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  • Velho, Raquel. "Let's Talk About Accessibility." In Measuring Accessibility by Mapping Mobility Proceedings, held at UCL, UK, (December 2013): pp. 7-8. Available here.

Edited volumes

  • Velho, Raquel and Laura Kemmer (eds.). “Science, Technology, Society – and the Americas?” Critical Reviews on Latin American Research 5, no. 1 (2016). Available here.
  • Velho, Raquel (organiser). SPSAS Proceedings: São Paulo School of Advanced Sciences in Biotechnology, Biosocialities, and the Governance of Life Sciences, held in Unicamp, Brazil, August 2014, 44-5. Available here.

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